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WBSF & Municipality of Marathonas promoting water board sports to children

Continuing our actions from last year in cooperation with Municipality of Marathonas, WBSF’s ambassadors and crew visited Saint Andreas summer kids camps and presenetd to about 300 children what water board sports is all about. As tools we used a 15 min. video that was deliberately made for this cause, and all the necessary equipment (boards, paddles etc)…

wbsf παιδι και θαλασσα

…and a 3 hours hands on experience at the beach where all of the childern had the oportunity to get their first feeling ‘on board’.

wbsf παιδι και θαλασσα

The action was also supported by the Marathonas’ Mayor, Ilias Psinakis.

Ηλιας Ψινακης παιδι και θαλασσα

This action happpened some days before 1st Greece On Board festival that took place at Karavi sports resort in Schinias beach, which realised with the exact same goal: that people would learn about waterboard sports and get to try them! But it was not the only reason! The event’s intention was to to make high level SUP races for the first time in Greece! And that is exactly what happened….

1st greece on board festival

As a company we invest and contribute when it comes to children awareness just because we believe that in this way, we invest and contribute to the future.


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