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WBSF debut with Greek Windsurf Freestyle tour stop 1 at Drepano

After almost one year  preparing the WBSF project, we are really happy for launching the first event. The Greek Windsurf Freestyle tour realised its 1st stop at Drepano Achaias on 23rd and 24th of May.

The real challenge of the event was the weather conditions, so when the forecast was right we had less than a week to organize it.

We managed to gather top greek athletes and people that are interested in water boardsports to Drepano, a beach that is generally isolated but with ideal wind conditions. In less than a day, Dreapano beach transformed into one big festival area, ready to welcome thousands of people.

The two day event rolled with lot of action in the water and some innovative happeninngs in the beach.

The event held with huge success among the Greek windsurf scene! Dispite the luck of time we managed to make it happen in the right way! Τhat gave us the energy and hope that no matter how hard a project is, we can make it be the one that puts the standards for everything else happening.




Hope you enjoy the video as much we enjoyed ourselves on the beach that weekend.


Stay tuned for next WBSF’s updates…

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