Extreme content conditions

We capture content in extreme conditions using crazy staff and tough equipment.

Sports event Webification

We believe that great experiences in sport and entertainment have the power to inspire and motivate positive change like nothing else and the web is making it easier.

Livestreaming with UIN

Partnership with UIN ensures that your viewers around the world enjoy a high quality production, whilst freeing you to focus on the event itself, rather than worry about the technology.

Content is the King!

We believe that your content must first be understood, be studied and then be experienced. This is our way of unleashing the passion and inspiration to your projects.

Need to stream from everywhere?

We' ve got you covered.

Branded Content Stories

Sometimes one shot is enouph to tell the story.

We run sport events using guidelines and innovative services

And we go by the book.

In sport events we host we focus on everything

Because details do matter.

Sport Events Hosting

We provide complete solutions and resources for creating your sport event from scratch or integrate it into a webified experience.

Flawless streaming? Done.

Everything comes in double so your viewers never stop watching.

Content for your digital media

You will be surprized of how many people are interested in your creations... Would you like to reach your community with valuable content?


Steaming live has a unique feature. Lots of people with same interests gather in the same place at the same time... do you have something to say?


We offer a complete range of services for everything that a brand, venue, organization, federation or governing body could need to create or develop a sporting event and increase their audience, but also, and in order to give impetus to a mostly promising and inspiring sport, we create as well our own sporting events.

Event feasibility and planning

Every sport has its own grandeur! Our team provides careful strategic planning and technical services that makes the sport alive and creates major sporting events. Our unique bidding concepts can guarantee the success and the benefits from your sporting events not ony in short but in long term period.

Event Management & Delivery

Delivering sports and entertainment events is based on our many-year experience working with athletes, sports communities, federations, venues and all the necessary means. We are dedicated in finding the point where sport meets the commercial objectives.

Strategic and Commercial consultancy

No matter what your target plan is, we provide a broad range of consultancy services that will not only meet your expectations, but our goal is to exceed it.

Content Production & Distribution

Creating content from the real life! This is not just a moto, but in UIN we believe that genuine and real things are the ones that truly engage the audience. If you combine these with our expertise in well organized sports events and our knowledge in distributing feelings and images through high standard productions, then you have the desirable interaction between your brand and public.

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Live Streaming Broadcast Services

From small live streaming webcasts to large scale events, we carry out all the technologies involved in order to bring the action to your audience. Our services include event planning for streaming the event, video production, directing the live content, distributing the live feed and of course bringing the network to impossible places!

UIN can effectively webcast your event to your target audience regardless of time, location, content or technological requirements.

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Sponsorship Management

Our goal is to develop strong bonds between the brand and the audience. From the beginning of our service, sponsorship management aiming to give back impact and value on the initial investment.

We focus on four key elements:

Event attributes and skills. We bring to the table that will be of value to the sponsors such us social media skills, ability to talk in public, a knack for writing press releases, specific sales and marketing skills or a unique and marketable ‘look’.
Targeted audience. We develop a good knowledge of who your target audience is and how they overlap with the sponsor’s target audience. We get to know your audience and what it is about them that will appeal to a sponsor.
Unique marketing initiatives. We explore and offer that puts you ahead of alternative marketing channels a sponsor could use.
Outcomes and value for the sponsor. We focus on improving a sponsor’s business by partnering with us, such us increased sales, loyal fans and distributors, etc


UIN can create full sponsorship packages for the event which takes over, creating the necessary conditions for successful partnerships that will lead to the success of an event both from the side of the organizer and sponsor.

wbsf-logo1In addition to creating sponsorship packages for customers, uin undertakes to create own or invest in events taking full extent of sponsorship activity by creating sponsorship packages and commercial products, as well as full sponsors management.


Digital & Social Media

Sport and social media are tools and our team are focussed on our clients becoming a credible and active part of the social dialogue. Our social digital services are delivered 24/7, 365 days a year. Wherever our clients’ events are happening we’re joining the debate, adding value and building deeper connections through all social channels.

Your event’s reputation is something we build “post by post”.

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We “webify” our events with the latest technology trends because everything starts from the web.

Our web developers ensure that we always use the latest technology as well as being responsible for creating web applications that serve the needs of our actions and strengthen the digital demands of our sponsors. They overseeing and managing web infrastructures, as the technical work of event websites and applications containing and technical supervision of social media. Moreover we undertake the development of special purpose applications (mobile applications, social network apps, etc.) for the needs of our projects.



Recent cases

Discover some recent projects we have completed so far

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8 November 2015

Helmos Team Battle snowboard contest

30 March 2015