This project involved the live broadcast of the International championship for Parkour, the Redbull Art of Motion. It was streamed from the official website, which hosted a tailor made livelooq iframe. The livelooq iframe included among others:
+ the live player
+ an embedded twitter feed of the Redbull official twitter account
+ a web module which presented the athletes with small bio information
+ a web module with information about the event field
+ general information about the parkour

For this event we planned and installed a full scale ad hock High Definition control room in one of the suites of Danas Villas, consisting of,
+ multiviewers and previews for 7 HD cameras
+ An HD video player
+ live titles and scoring boards
+ wired and wireless intercoms
+ sound control systems
+ encoding systems (basic and standby)
+ data network controls
+ HD video Recorders

In this project we cooperated with XYZ productions and in order to plan the location and produce the live feed. The video production was delivered from our director, with given guidelines from staff and in conjunction with XYZ. The video included live feeds from a crane, steadycam, camcorders and video player with video clips we produced in cooperation with XYZ.
Furthermore, during this project we created with, cooperation with Redbul, the program flow consisting of video inserts, commentary from the two presenters, and video feeds from the event.
Last but not least, we provided and installed ad hock high capacity data networks (basic and standby) for streaming the event. After the completion of the live streaming we provided our networks infrastructure to the staff to upload video clips to their satellite television program.
This project was streamed from our content delivery network.

This project was broadcasted from:

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