The XVII International Hepatitis B & C meeting was a UINPRESENT live streaming project that took place in Athens in 2010. The presentations where screened live through the Livelooq platform, which was configured with the look and feel of the congress graphic aesthetics and the Organizer instructions. During the two day presentations, the audience was able to submit their questions which were discussed at the end of each session. We used three camcorders with onsite video direction ensuring that no content was missed during the presentations and the discussion with the local audience. For this project we deployed a main and a standby streaming encoder and we installed two ad hock networks for uploading the stream with a capacity of 2Mbps each. After the end of each day of the congress, all the captured content was edited regarding the topic and delivered to the Livelooq platform for on demand viewing (rtmp streaming delivery) by the congress participants.

Προβολή UINGROUP Broadcast map σε χάρτη μεγαλύτερου μεγέθους