The windsurfing contest was the third of the three planned events for TheGreatBoarders project. This event took place in the Kouros club, in Anabyssus – Attica.

For this project we,
+ Undertook the production of the TVC of the contest which was presented to specific national TV stations
+ Filmed various footages from warm up sessions, three days before the contest, which were delivered through the TGB YouTube channel via several video clips of windsurfing action, interviews and other existing video clips.
+ Filmed the first day of contest creating an overall video clip with highlights from all the contestants
+ Created a post production video clip with highlights from the event which was delivered to specific national TV stations

All the footage was captured, edited and delivered in a partial live mode during the days of the contest from special installed edit stations at the event area. The project was presented on The Great Boarders platform through a Liveloop iframe in which viewers could access real time information about the weather conditions and the progress of the contest. Due to the lack of wind on the day of the finals the live streaming was postponed, as the races where canceled.

This project was presented from:

Προβολή UINGROUP Broadcast map σε χάρτη μεγαλύτερου μεγέθους