The Carnival of Patras is one of the largest carnivals in Europe. This project was proposed to the Municipality of Patras by our company with a specific concept of design, develop, operate, exploit and maintain. In a few words the key element for this project was to try to capture all the activities and events and deliver them to the rest of the world with live streaming events and on demand videos. The whole project is part from the UIN.StreamingConcepts services. In brief here are the major tasks we planned and delivered: + Design, programming and development of a WEBTV look and feel website that would be able to deliver 24/7 continuous video flow with programmable timetable and possibilities in advertising before or inside the video content with graphics and video ads + Live streaming specific events through the WEBTV (live mode), such as the large parades, happenings and games of the hidden treasure from several places in the city of Patras + Fifteen Carnival News episodes which we presented on a regular basis to the WEBTV (on demand mode). + Transcoding of about 40 hours of recorded footage (saved on several media) from past carnivals and deliver them to the continuos flow of WEBTV (on demand mode) + Installation of basic and standby network infrastructures throughout the city of Patras for running the live show of the webtv + Running quizzes through WEBTV with the cooperation of the organizing committe of the Carnival Of Patras + Creating and running social networks activities This project was presented in Greek and English and all the automation, processing, and presentation was based in the Livelooq platform. This project had livestreams from several places in the city of patras:

Προβολή UINGROUP Broadcast map σε χάρτη μεγαλύτερου μεγέθους