This project was about streaming a Squash championship. We deployed a full scale video production, consisting of 5 camcorders, video director, live scores, commentators and reporters. Most of our cameras were installed above the court due to the design of squash courts. All the games were presented by sports commentators and there were live interviews throughout the games.
After live streaming, all the contents were edited into sections, each containing the games of a particular competitor and uploaded to a YouTube channel, which we created for our client.
The project was streamed from our client website which hosted our Liveloop iframe. In addition to the live streaming, we created for our client a twitter account which we embedded in the live streaming page, so viewers could get information about the progress of games. The twitter account was real time updated from our team during the live broadcast.
For this project we provided and installed basic and standby high speed Internet lines and it was streamed from our content delivery network.

This project was broadcasted from:

Προβολή UINGROUP Broadcast map σε χάρτη μεγαλύτερου μεγέθους