Swimming Christmas CUP (SCC) has become an institution in the swimming world, since it is hosted for 22 years now by NEP swimming team. This year went really BIG exceeding the 1.200 participants and over 50 teams from all over Greece, Cyprus, France and Bulgaria. The young swimmers deluged the pool “A. PEPANOS” in Patras and their families and friends were there to cheer them up. Those who couldn’t attend the event could watch little athlete’s performances in real time through UIN’s YouTube channel.

UIN this year undertook the whole project which included sponsorships, safety matters, daily information through Social Media and website and all the necessary actions the event required. We also added some more digital assets such as online teams registration and online store.

SCC 2014-800m Ελεύθερο Γυναικών

More videos: http://scc-greece.gr/video-scc2014/