TIn this project we were responsible for the presentation and live streaming of the three major carnival parades of the Carnival of Patras, through pelop.gr. In this project we had to deliver three important tasks:

(1) To prepare the project proposal for finding sponsorship The proposal included the basic concept, the media plan and all the related subtasks for promoting the sponsor through this project. Furthermore it included demo presentations of graphic ad materials, such as mockups, video clips, etc.

(2) To plan and organize the project.
We had to coordinate sub teams, such as the reporters of Peloponnisos news (pelop.gr), video production teams, graphic arts teams and several third party companies that were involved in this project under our management. The project lasted about 45 days, including the periods before and after the live streaming of the parades. Our major partners for this project were Yello creative team and View Productions.

(3) To deliver the project.
In detail, the major sub tasks we had to accomplish where,
+ Create the main concept for the project. The concept, finally, was fine tuned and approved by the sponsor
+ Produce and distribute TVCs for promoting the project to local television stations
+ Produce and distribute radio ads for local radio stations
+ Create a moto and graphic concept for the entire project
+ Distribute newspaper ads and Internet banners to newspapers and internet site, based on the media plan
+ To develop the livestreaming section for pelop.gr, which was based on the livelooq iframe
+ To arrange and accomplish the live streaming production of the three major parades

For live streaming the parades, we used an outside broadcasting van with a four camera crew, live mixing and all the parades where presented live by several selected speakers. All the needed high speed networks (basic and standby) were installed in central Patras. In this project we used basic and standby encoders for maximum security.
Finally, after every live stream, the content was edited, transcoded and delivered through pelop.gr, for on demand viewing.

This project was broadcasted from:

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