Despite the difficult weather conditions, the finals of the Greek Freestyle Windsurf Tour 2015 and the Naxian Freestyle Contest v.2. took place on October 24th and 25th, 2015 at the Laguna at Agios Georgios Beach, Naxos.

Heavy rain and wind added to the challenges faced by all participants, from the athletes to the organizers.

“In terms of sport competition, this event marks a milestone in the history of Greek freestyle windsurfing,” said WBSF spokesman, Nikos Athanasiou. “Each year, for eight years, the awards podium was occupied by the same top three athletes. This time, the challenging stakes were raised with the participation of Foivos Tsoupras. Tsoupras, who has come in 3rd in an highly-competitive German championship, travelled from Germany to take part. His performance on Naxos won him a well-deserved first place. This event also saw several first-time young athletes. A fact that further supports our vision for the future of freestyle windsurfing in Greece and the reason why WBSF was created”

Organizer of the event was the Water Board Sports Festival — UIN’s project in collaboration with three Naxos watersport clubs: Naxos’Laguna Beach Park, Flisvos Sport Club and Flisvos WaterSports.

The Naxian Freestyle Contest and the Grand Final GFWT was co-organized by the Region of South Aegean.

UIN’s team hosted this uinique sport event, undertaking the overall production, including contact with sponsors, social media coverage, content strategy and event’s run down.

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