This project was the first of a series of educational live and interactive seminars for Cardio Research organization, regarding the Therapeutic Dilemmas related to Atrial Fibrillation and Thromboembolic Disease. For this project we had to develop a solution for broadcasting the webinars from the organization offices. The solution included creating an ad hock studio for the panel of speakers. The webinar was presented live from the official website of Cardioresearch through a livelooq iframe. During the live broadcast, the remote viewers were able to submit questions through a livelooq module. All the questions where delivered to the scientific committee for approval and forwarded to the speakers panel for live discussion at the end of the webinar. During the live broadcast we presented relevant instant messages for all the remote participants. For transmitting the live feed we used two complete sets of one camera and encoder for maximum backup. Furthermore we transmitted in picture-in-picture all the presentations of the speakers simultaneously with the video feed of the speaker.After the live broadcast, the webinar was further edited, transcoded and uploaded to the official YouTube channel of Cardio Research for public viewing. UIN provided and installed in the Cardioreasearch offices, a basic and a backup high speed Internet line while the webinar was streamed from our content delivery network. This project was broadcasted from:

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