On September 5th and 6th, the area of Cape Drepano in Achaia region, “flooded” with over 4.000 guests for the 4th Kitesurf Festival. Two days of impressive kitesurf races with 110 top athletes from all over Greece participating, made the event a huge succes equal to international similar races.

4th Kitesurf Festival which is the biggest kite event in Greece, is powered by WBSF, a project realized by UIN wth the purpose to promote the board sports culture to even more people. This time, in association with Cape Drepano, great sponsor the TITAN Group of Companies and sponsored by Western Greece Region, WBSF came closer to it’s goal!

UIN’s team undertook the overall production for this event, including contact with sponsors, social media and website branded content, filming and photoshooting.


The video recap

More photos: www.wbsf.gr/fotografies-apo-to-4o-kitesurf-festival/


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