The 3rd Hellenic Sup Cup, organised by FORWARD boardshop and sponsored by NAISH and BIC sport, is a set of 4 races in different locations and dates, before reaching the greatest final race of all. On the 20th of October, vessel traffic was halted for 2 hours and the Corinth Canal got flooded with 129 paddlers. This race was declared as «The greatest race» in the history of Greek SUP and coincided with the 120th anniversary of the Canal’s operation (1893-2013). The competitive level was high. International Team Rider Eric Terrien finished 1st, Casper Steinfath came 2nd and the Greek Champion George Fragos took the 3rd place.
UIN mobilized all the means to capture every moment of the big race: boats, jet-ski, water-proof cameras on contestants’ vessels, shots from overhead bridges… All the magic contained in a 4min video!
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