Extreme content conditions

We capture content in extreme conditions using crazy staff and tough equipment.

Sports event Webification

We believe that great experiences in sport and entertainment have the power to inspire and motivate positive change like nothing else and the web is making it easier.

Livestreaming with UIN

Partnership with UIN ensures that your viewers around the world enjoy a high quality production, whilst freeing you to focus on the event itself, rather than worry about the technology.

Content is the King!

We believe that your content must first be understood, be studied and then be experienced. This is our way of unleashing the passion and inspiration to your projects.

Need to stream from everywhere?

We' ve got you covered.

Branded Content Stories

Sometimes one shot is enouph to tell the story.

We run sport events using guidelines and innovative services

And we go by the book.

In sport events we host we focus on everything

Because details do matter.

Sport Events Hosting

We provide complete solutions and resources for creating your sport event from scratch or integrate it into a webified experience.

Flawless streaming? Done.

Everything comes in double so your viewers never stop watching.

Content for your digital media

You will be surprized of how many people are interested in your creations... Would you like to reach your community with valuable content?


Steaming live has a unique feature. Lots of people with same interests gather in the same place at the same time... do you have something to say?


We create, manage and deliver media content for our corporate clients’ websites, social networks and online media channels.  We offer complete solutions in filming, video editing, live streaming, photo shooting, special graphics designing & web developing, providing content and platforms that meets our client’s needs and their applications.

Branded Content Production

When we combine all our skills, all our resources and all the services of our company for a project, then magic happens! It all starts after a brief that is provided by our client. It may be a photo shoot, a video production, a new website, a community building portal, a mobile application or creating content for social networks platforms. Or it can be all together aiming to the main goal – to promote the brand through content.

When is comes to Branded Content Productions we have ideas and we make them work.

We focus on how we will achieve the connection of all requested and coordinate all processes to a result that exceeds customer specifications using all the tools we have. We organize all the ideas and actions required of a project to a single aesthetic result.

We always keep in mind the master plan, whether our service is part of a greater project or is a complete 360 marketing activation that requires continuous branded content production.

The connection of the brand with the content is as hard as a good idea no matter the medium, the platform or the technology.

Video Productions

Video is a powerful tool for communicating ideas, passing messages and share opinions. In UIN we believe that a moment is as real as the video. That’s why we always give the necessary time to understand the objective of a video production. Understanding the words behind the lines gives us the benefit to add our perspective and make better videos. We always begin our productions with a creative brainstorming so to be sure that nothing is untold, forgotten or hidden under a husty brief.

We work with the best professionals in filming and video editing using the latest technology equipment and the most passionate crew.

Our deep knowledge in the internet media makes us experts in the online video technologies having great experience in the encoding protocols and the best practices for creating videos for several mediums and platforms.

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Live Streaming

Live streaming may be a part of a project, or the project. Either way, UIN  handles every aspect of live internet broadcast, assuming full responsibility for audio and video coverage and providing the capacity for telecommunication and Internet connections wherever requested, as well as all necessary applications.

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Content Management

Content management is maybe the most important thing after creating a great production. Sometimes Oscar winning productions are left on the dusty drawer because of poor management.

UIN will help you to decide and plan a successful content management strategy so that your content will meet your audience.

We have developed our skills and we keep ourselves updated with all the possible technical solutions in managing your content regarding your goals.

We are able to provide you tailor made solutions to monetize your content through major CDNs and integrated video platforms or we will build and maintain with the best practices your own video channel on a social video platform such us YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

We believe that your video content is valuable and must be treated with extra care because you paid for it and it must fulfill its purpose.

Photo Productions

We work with the best photographers, on corporate photoshooting, event coverage, sports photoshooting ensuring that our photos tell the story and are worth to share. We always keep on mind of the brief and the goal that the photograph must reach.

We always try to operate creatively with critical thinking, in order to give the necessary added value to our projects.

Especially for the event coverage photo-shoots, our photographic productions are completed with the ability to deliver to our customers, almost in real time, their processed content to be posted on social networks and media platforms with footage that occurs at the same time. Always, focused on the message they want to pass through!

Web Development

We give extra emphasis on the presentation, on the delivery and the user experience in everything we do.

For clients that want a complete solution on presenting a rich online media production, we have the developers to create the appropriate mobile application, micro site, launching page or a complete website and even complex community-driven portals.

Based on major CMS platforms like WordPress and Drupal, we can offer affordable SEO friendly web presentation solutions that will make your content shine, whether is your corporate site, your sports league or a web contest launch.

We can deliver your rich media content, live or on demand, across all possible mediums (web, mobile and smartTV) by utilizing our CDN and transcoding infrastructure, that also comes with a user friendly interface for your content managers. Furthermore, should you require a non standard solution tailored to your exacts needs, our development team specializes in bleeding-edge HTML5 technologies (AngularJS, nodeJS, Cordova, wicket and real-time sockets)

Our web developing skills come hand in hand with our graphic design team so your finished product will meet and probably exceed your expectations.