Extreme content conditions

We capture content in extreme conditions using crazy staff and tough equipment.

Sports event Webification

We believe that great experiences in sport and entertainment have the power to inspire and motivate positive change like nothing else and the web is making it easier.

Livestreaming with UIN

Partnership with UIN ensures that your viewers around the world enjoy a high quality production, whilst freeing you to focus on the event itself, rather than worry about the technology.

Content is the King!

We believe that your content must first be understood, be studied and then be experienced. This is our way of unleashing the passion and inspiration to your projects.

Need to stream from everywhere?

We' ve got you covered.

Branded Content Stories

Sometimes one shot is enouph to tell the story.

We run sport events using guidelines and innovative services

And we go by the book.

In sport events we host we focus on everything

Because details do matter.

Sport Events Hosting

We provide complete solutions and resources for creating your sport event from scratch or integrate it into a webified experience.

Flawless streaming? Done.

Everything comes in double so your viewers never stop watching.

Content for your digital media

You will be surprized of how many people are interested in your creations... Would you like to reach your community with valuable content?


Steaming live has a unique feature. Lots of people with same interests gather in the same place at the same time... do you have something to say?


UIN  handles every aspect of live internet broadcast, assuming full responsibility for audio and video coverage and providing the capacity for telecommunication and Internet connections wherever requested, as well as all necessary applications. In addition, we process and encode the audio-visual content of the event you have selected and ensure a high quality experience for your web audience.

How we operate

At UIN we employ a unique combination of computer and telecommunications technology, audiovisual resources and radio and television broadcasting. Our experts in each of these fields allow us to provide live web coverage of any event you choose, regardless of its nature or scale.

It is the expertise and specialized know-how of this team of experienced and trusted  professionals that we rely on to successfully webcast your event, be it an announcement, a business meeting, a presentation, a musical or theatrical performance, a sports event, a concert, a ceremony, or a celebration.


Should coverage of your event prove unusually challenging, UIN has business affiliations with other companies in production, TV-broadcasting, marketing and event-planning, affiliations which ensure a viable solution specially tailored to your individual needs.

Our target customer is anyone who has something to show or say and who believes the web to be useful, interesting, and above all the medium most suited to their needs.

By the same token television and radio stations, production companies, as well as event and conference organizers, can also avail themselves of our expertise to lighten their load and ensure a quality product. We will handle all aspects of their work which are web-related, according their own and their customer’s authoring requirements.

The bottom line: UIN can effectively webcast your event to your target audience regardless of time, location, content or technological requirements.

What we do

UIN, supported by the latest advances in technology, offers comprehensive solutions to audio-visual web communication with an emphasis on live webcasts of events and happenings.

We undertake all aspects of the webcast or any part thereof, depending on your needs. To guarantee the success of your event, you need a partner who can  provide the quality, performance and reliability that your audience expects. Secure in the knowledge that the success of your venture is guaranteed without the high cost of conventional terrestrial or satellite broadcasting.

Contact us to broadcast:

  • Sporting events
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Presentation and demonstration of products/services
  • Trade shows
  • Family and social events
  • Distance Learning Courses
  • Recreational activities
  • Business meetings
  • Political rallies/speeches

Partnership with UIN ensures that your viewers around the world enjoy a high quality production, whilst freeing you to focus on the event itself, rather than worry about the technology.

Our tools

We provide comprehensive services in live streaming using the necessary equipment of major brands, including video cameras, capture and recording devices, video encoders and network appliances, so that we are able to guarantee high performance, quality and the safety of operation.

Our technical staff has extensive expertise in the equipment they use, in order to be able to deliver a product that meets customer specifications and overcome faulty circumstances.

We also have extensive experience in broadcasting events, both through social networking platforms, but also through specialized broadcasting platforms which we develop, ensuring that your content will be distributed through the leading Content Delivery Networks in the world.

Video, encoding and network equipment









Content Delivery Networks





Why us

Our full range of services encompasses all aspects of a web project,providing will afford a truly comprehensive solution for your needs. Our services you peace of mind with regard to the successful outcome of the finished product itself and a sense of security that UIN will fulfill all its obligations to the letter.

We bring the network, we coordinate the video production, we provide the CDN, we do the encoding, we do the web…

You bring the cause.

All applications, procedures and people involved in your project are coordinated by our team, providing you with in-depth guidance, management and complete control every step of the way.

Total commitment to the task you have entrusted us with coupled with the personal attention we give to each of our clients make certain that potential problems are quickly resolved and costs kept to a minimum. It also enables us to adapt with exceptional flexibility and speed should your requirements change.

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Live Streaming Projects

Live streaming for The Nightstalker rock band

1 November 2014

Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe (CPMR) in partnership with the Region of Western Greece

31 March 2014

Technical Chamber of Greece – Western Greece Region Webcast: Law 4178/2013 New Regulation For Arbitrarily Buildings

11 December 2013

Poema Weddings @ Santorini – Jonas & Malin wedding

7 May 2013

EDSNA WebTV Platform

20 January 2013

Cardio Research Webinar Series – 2nd Webinar

26 September 2012

Poema Weddings@Santorini – Joel & Marianna wedding

2 August 2012

Poema Weddings@Santorini – Kostas & Violetta wedding

29 June 2012

Cardio Research Webinar Series- 1st Webinar

6 June 2012

TEE – Western Greece Region / Security measures

30 May 2012

The Great Boarders (TGB) project by Frulite OnTheGo – Skate@Mall

25 May 2012

The Great Boarders (TGB) project by Frulite OnTheGo- Snowboard@Fterolaka

17 March 2012

Seminar: “Law 4014/2011 New Regulation For Arbitrarily Buildings”

25 November 2011

World Championship of Parkour & Freerunning Athletes Competition

9 October 2011

Symposium: “Designing Buildings with the use of Eurocodes 2, 7, 8”

16 June 2011

The 4th Pan -Hellenic & 3th Pan-European Scientific & Professional Nursing Conference Of the Hellenic Regulatory Body of Nurses

9 March 2011

The XVIII International Hepatitis B & C meeting of Athens

30 January 2011

Thebest.gr – live streaming political debates

25 October 2010

Congress: FORUM of Development 2010

19 October 2010

The 2nd P.I.C.K. – BP ULTIMATE (Patras International Circuit for Kart)

25 September 2010

Vassiliki Watersports Festival (VWF 2010)

14 June 2010

The XVII International Hepatitis B & C meeting of Athens

The XVII International Hepatitis B & C meeting of Athens

30 January 2010